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Adoption: Our History and Legacy

December 22, 2016

As we come to the close of 2016, several items that have come across my desk and computer this past week are a reminder that the adoption stories from Hillcrest’s […]

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Adoption Awareness Month

November 21, 2016

There are a number of reasons people are thankful and November seems to be when people count those the most.  Family always seems to hit the top 3.  Every family […]

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5 Things Prospective Adoptive Couples Should Consider

November 19, 2015

Did you know that November is National Adoption Awareness Month!? Hillcrest Family Services has been providing adoption services to birth parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) since 1896! More recently, we have […]

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An Adoption Story

May 26, 2015

Hillcrest Family Services is known for serving over 26,000 people in the 30+ different programs we offer today but what most don’t know, is that our foundation roots from young […]

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Adoption, Technology and Social Media

August 20, 2014

In a recent study, it was determined that 31% of teens search for health information online that they are fearful of talking to others about.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering Adoption

August 2, 2014

At Hillcrest Family Services, our Iowa-based adoption specialists are frequently asked how you know if it’s right or not to place a child for adoption. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it – it’s a tough decision, but ask yourself some of these questions; then you might know whether it’s the right decision or not.

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June 12, 2014

Zakkary arrived at Hillcrest after a LONG journey. His parents lost custody and he lived with a foster family. The adoption process fell through in Tennessee.

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