Our Board

The dedication that is so prevalent among our Board of Trustees is a gift that borders on the miraculous. Giving of their time, providing insight and guidance in a wide range of areas, and contributing resources that are so essential to the livelihood of Hillcrest is second nature to our officers and directors.

Board of Trustees

Alison Fuller

Board Chair

David Hartig

Vice Chairman

Randy Decker

2nd Vice Chairman

Tammy McClain

Debi Butler

Sharon Finnin

Charlie Hartig


Wes Heitzman

Leo Hickie

Dana Bullock


Mike Ruden

Steve Scott

Elona Street-Steward

Ex-Officio; Synod of Lakes and Prairies

Bishop Laurie Haller

Ex-Officio; Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Brenda Whitford