Our Employee Veterans

Over the years, the success our clients have achieved in the classroom, in the community, at home with their families, in the workplace, and in their desire to be emotionally strong and confident, is a direct result of the deep expertise and experience of the Hillcrest staff. Here’s a sampling of this year’s “Hillcrest Veterans.”

30 Years

Dennis Bradley

Scott Schneider

25 Years

Joe Eichelberger

Melissa Keck

Craig Forbes

20 Years

Darleen Sibley

Michael Luedtke

15 Years

Christine Simms

Bertha Ament

Lynn Murphy

Robert Mollman

Shana Williams

Maggie Brenner

Jennifer Gerot

10 Years

Indigo Channing

Paula Ruden

Kelley Rath

Becky Thill

Kris Erickson Eipperle

Lynn Lang

Jackie Ballina

Kristin Helm

Bart Meyer

Anthony Williams

Brandon LaPage

Darlene Bolsinger