Our Employee Veterans

Over the years, the success our clients have achieved in the classroom, in the community, at home with their families, in the workplace, and in their desire to be emotionally strong and confident, is a direct result of the deep expertise and experience of the Hillcrest staff. Here’s a sampling of our “Hillcrest Veterans”:

40 Years

David Kintzle – Direct Support Professional, Dubuque


35 Years

Mary Upton – Office Coordinator, Dubuque

Rita O’Connell – Administrative Assistant, Dubuque


30 Years

Julie Gabriel – QI Specialist, Dubuque

Cynthia Kaczinski – Program Manager, Clinton

Dennis Bradley – Children’s Mobile Crisis Counselor, Dubuque

Robin Shelby – Program Manager, Iowa City/Cedar Rapids

Delphine Bergfeld – Accounts Payable Coordinator, Dubuque

Cindy Hess – Vice President of Operations, Dubuque

Kent Nelson – Direct Support Professional, Dubuque


25 Years

Robert Gray – Youth Care Worker, Dubuque

Simon Chan – Visiting Counselor, Iowa City

Flesica Fountain – Youth Care Worker, Dubuque

Linda Hogue – Youth Care Worker, Dubuque


20 Years

Flori-Ann LaHue – Dietitian, Clinton

Cathy Ahrens – Visiting Counselor, Dubuque

Sheila Edwards – Youth Care Worker, Dubuque

Jody Davis – Visiting Counselor, Dubuque

Helen Hildebrand – Payroll Specialist, Dubuque

Kim Nelson – Administrator, Dubuque

Scott Cosley – Maintenance Technician, Dubuque


15 Years

Jennifer Maki – Direct Support Professional, Dubuque

Lori McDonnell – Accounts Receivable Specialist, Dubuque

Amanda Maas – Visiting Counselor, Dubuque

Laura Deckert – Painter, Dubuque

Nikki Lewis – Youth Care Worker, Dubuque

Shawna Williams – Program Manager, Dubuque

Todd Birch – Maintenance Technician, Dubuque

Janet Conlan – Direct Support Professional, Dubuque

Christine Sandstoe – Support Staff, Clinton

Tom Tschudi – Registered Nurse, Dubuque

Beth Hemmer – Support Services Supervisor, Dubuque

Michael Fettkether – Crisis Case Manager, Dubuque

Ann Davison – Registered Nurse, Iowa City

Jessica Wilgenbusch – Visiting Counselor, Dubuque

Erica Borgerding – Adoption Social Worker, Dubuque

Tom Eisenberg – Visiting Counselor, Iowa City

Tyna Monohon – IPR Counselor, Ottumwa

Desiree Washington – Direct Support Professional, Iowa City

Geronimo Washington – Direct Support Professional, Iowa City

Lucas Link – Direct Support Professional, Dubuque


10 Years

Francie Tuescher – Chief Operating Officer, Dubuque

Erik Alm – Accounting Clerk, Dubuque

Russell Hull – Visiting Counselor, Dubuque

Katie Hoftender – Accounts Receivable Specialist, Dubuque

Ellen Miller – Housekeeper, Dubuque

Bret Triervieler – File Data Clerk, Dubuque

Adele Lenane – Peer Support Specialist, Dubuque

Teresa Green – Visiting Counselor, Dubuque

Anna Thalacker – Care Coordinator, Dubuque

Dawn Sennhenn – Direct Support Professional, Dubuque

Dean Siebe – Facilities Director, Dubuque

Cheryl Austin – Visiting Counselor, Dubuque

Jim Munson – Chaplin, Dubuque

Carlene Erikson – Therapist, Dubuque