Our Employee Veterans

Over the years, the success our clients have achieved in the classroom, in the community, at home with their families, in the workplace, and in their desire to be emotionally strong and confident, is a direct result of the deep expertise and experience of the Hillcrest staff. Here’s a sampling of this year’s “Hillcrest Veterans.”

40 Years

Julie Vyverberg – HR Specialist, Central Administration Dubuque

30 Years

Gary Gansemer, Interim President/CEO, Central Administration Dubuque

25 Years

Anne Hedrick, Mental Health Therapist, Mental Health Center Dubuque

Dennis Bradley, Mental Health Counselor, Pathways Dubuque

20 Years

Flori Ann LaHue, Dietitian, WIC Clinton

Heather Heins, Administrator Subacute , Dubuque

Todd Birch, Administrator RCF/RCF-PMI, Dubuque

15 Years

Anne Mehrl, HLS Assistance, Dubuque

Sarahjayne Fluhr, Client Services Assistance, Professional Health Clinic Dubuque

Jennifer Maki, Mental Health Counselor, Marywood Dubuque

Lori McDonnell, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Central Administration Dubuque

Amanda Maas, Visiting Counselor/Vocation Rehabilitation/IPR Counselor, Dubuque

Laura Deckert, Painter, Central Administration Dubuque

Nikki Lewis, Youth Care Worker, Molitore Dubuque

Shawna Williams, Program Manager, Molitore Dubuque

10 Years

Francie Tuescher, Chief Compliance Officer, Central Administration Dubuque

Erik Alm, Accounting Clerk, Central Administration Dubuque

Bonita Timmerman, Client Accounts Assistant, Mental Health Center Dubuque

Susan Manternach, Activities Coordinator, RCF/RCF-PMI Dubuque

Pam Stotlar, Cook, RCF/RCF-PMI Dubuque

Tami Koons, Office Coordinator, Mental Health Center Asbury Rd

Russell Hull, Visiting Counselor, HSL Dubuque

Tracy Tschudi, Program Director, Mental Health Center Dubuque