Our Employee Veterans

Over the years, the success our clients have achieved in the classroom, in the community, at home with their families, in the workplace, and in their desire to be emotionally strong and confident, is a direct result of the deep expertise and experience of the Hillcrest staff. Here’s a sampling of this year’s “Hillcrest Veterans.”

40 Years

Nancy Rice, Executive Secretary, Dubuque

35 Years

Melody Reck, Secretary, Cedar Rapids

David Kintzel, Student Life Associate, New Hope, Dubuque

25 Years

Jerry Schroeder, Program Manager, Marywood & Vizaleea Adult Group Homes

Julie Gabriel, QI Coordinator

Cynthia Kaczinski, Program Manager/Dietician, Clinton WIC

20 Years

Lisa Woodward, Dental Hygienist, Maternal Health

Mary Huff, Back-up, Vizaleea

Robert Gray, Night Monitor, New Hope

15 Years

Cathy Ahrens, Transitional Housing Coordinator

John Bellini, Vice President of Anna B. Lawther Academy

Eric Balayti, IPR/Visiting Counselor, On-Call, Dubuque

10 Years

Amy Bean, Teacher, Anna B. Lawther Academy, Dubuque

Jeff Driscoll, Teacher, Anna B. Lawther Academy, Dubuque

Carol Kieffer, Housekeeper, Dubuque

Helen Engelken, Secretary/Receptionist, Dubuque Administration

Denny Grant, CSU Counselor, On-Call, Mobile Crisis Outreach

John Meyer, Therapist Dubuque Mental Health Center

Ann Mehrl, Housekeeper, Dubuque Vocational Program

John Becker, Night Watch Coordinator, Anna B. Lawther Academy, Dubuque

Carrie McKie, Teacher Associate, Anna B. Lawther Academy,  Maquoketa

Christine Sandstoe, Support Staff, Clinton WIC

Janet Conlan, Teacher Associate, Anna B. Lawther Academy, Dubuque