IMG_8150For nearly 100 years, Hillcrest’s spiritual history has been rooted in the United Methodist Church and a mission of the Presbyterian Church since 1968. And long before that time, Hillcrest had always been celebrated for providing services to all, regardless of their religious affiliations and their beliefs. Still, we believe that a spiritual connection can make a difference in a person’s complete well-being. That spiritual connection might be faith-based, or it could be based on any integrative approaches that make the mind and body stronger. This spirituality enhances our Culture of Results and leads us to offer outreach projects, educational workshops, retreat days, Sunday services and spiritual conversations frequently held at our famed Hadley Chapel used for Hillcrest clients and staff, the chaplaincy and the community.

Spiritual Services Include

Hillcrest Chaplaincy Program

Success Story

An adolescent boy being educated at Hillcrest spoke to our Chaplain about his behavioral issues. He spoke of the guilt he regularly faces for the things he has done. It became apparent by the tone of his voice and the swelling of his eyes that he wanted forgiveness for his indiscretions. Understanding this, our Chaplain told him about grace and forgiveness. And then, as the young boy prayed, he was overwhelmed with emotions and had tears running down his face. He was grateful that we recognized his struggles, and we were humbled by the opportunity to serve him.

Success Story

Though Kay is only 21, she has lived through many challenges and a lot of disappointment.  While attending church with her foster mother, she realized how difficult it was to trust people, particularly when so many had left her behind.  She asked why God would love her when she has a mental illness and hadn’t always done the right things.  When talking about forgiveness,  she began to cry and found it difficult to believe God would forgive her.  Because of her experience at church, along with the compassionate staff at Hillcrest, Kay now feels safe and believes only God could have provided that peace.

Meet our Chaplains

Judy Walsh


Judy's past experience included working with adults and adolescents in substance abuse/mental health programs, individuals and families involved in the court system and Department of Human Services, and unplanned pregnancy and abuse. Her undergraduate education is social work and Master Degree in religion and pastoral counseling. Judy offers people something more; Hope, Healing, Faith and Joy... a way to tap into their spiritual journey and walk with them. Judy has enjoyed spiritually supporting individuals in our local community, exploring with them the various steps in life's journey and offering new, (or igniting old), ways to make spirituality part of the journey to wholeness.


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