Culture of Results

We are driven by our Culture of Results. Let’s face it, people come to Hillcrest for help, for guidance and compassion. They want results, and at Hillcrest those results come in many forms. Feeling better physically through our Health Services, building confidence in troubled youth through education and through our boarding school, giving hope to the homeless and promise to those wanting a family. We build character in adults who have lost their dignity, and we add stability to the lives of families in need of mentoring. And for people of all ages who want to feel better emotionally, our mental health counselors can make the prospects of a better life a reality.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Vision:  Children, families, and adults will be safe and healthy and will gain greater control of their lives.

Mission:  Hillcrest Family Services enhances the lives of children, families, and adults in need by teaching skills and providing information and resources.  We advocate on their behalf and work collaboratively with local communities to provide a range of quality and innovative services.  We share a historical relationship in our service to others with the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Transformational Vision: Striving to be a Premier Faith-Connected Health and Education Services Provider/Employer in the Midwest by Forming and Living as Promise People.

Values:  We act with compassion, integrity, optimism, professionalism, and respect in all of our relationships.  We work to understand and appreciate individual differences and similarities.

Diversity Statement

Hillcrest has a Diversity Committee that is dedicated to equity and inclusion.   All agency staff participate in a Diversity Workshop as well as given the opportunity to complete an annual diversity survey.  Information gleaned drives the work of the committee.

Diversity Statement: Hillcrest Family Services celebrates the diversity, strength, beauty and spirit created as we join together and help one another as a community.


Our 2017 Annual Report




  • Facilitated 21 adoptions between our local, domestic, and international adoption program. That is 12 more than last year and more than a 200% increase.





  • “If it wasn’t for Hillcrest, I wouldn’t be here.”                                                                                                                    Integrated Health Home & Mental Health Center Client





  • 85% of Anna B. Lawther Academy students persevered on their Measures for Academic Progress standardized tests.
  • 25% of our students increased their reading percentile, 9% increased their math percentile, 38% increased their language arts percentile, and 41% increased their science percentile.





  • During the course of just four months of weekly worship services with our adult residents, the silent reflection time grew from 30 seconds to a full three minutes before participants started to get restless.  It appeared that the participants were getting more comfortable being alone with their own reflections, thoughts and insights.




Youth Mentoring and Mentor Dubuque


  • 802 outings reported for a total of 2173 hours together.
  • 17 matches celebrated 5+ years together.



Hillcrest Delivers Results

If we can’t deliver the results people need, then we can’t deliver on our singular goal and focus. But we can, and we do. Every day and every year for more than a century. It takes experience and compassion, it requires a staff dedicated to making people’s lives better, and it’s all fostered by our universal sense of hope that there are brighter days ahead. That’s our Culture of Results and we’d be delighted to share it with you.