We offer many human services, as you can see below, but we have one singular focus, and that’s to bring you the results you came to Hillcrest for. Through a compassionate staff, many with decades of experience at Hillcrest, and a clearly defined purpose, our Culture of Results, our success stories are numerous, uplifting and filled with hope. Read more about our specific services below to see if we have the results oriented programs that you’re looking for.

Adolescent Residential Treatment

Hillcrest provides residential foster group care services to children in need. The care provided is derived from a set of core values that includes, but is not limited to, integrity, compassion, advocacy, optimism, dignity, professionalism, cultural sensitivity, and respecting the importance of human relationships and self-determination.

Adolescent Residential Treatment Options


Children need families for a better life. It’s really as simple as that. But there is nothing simple when it comes to the complexities of adoption. That’s where Hillcrest Family Services fits in. We’ve helped facilitate the adoption process for thousand of families thereby making the lives of thousands of children so much better.

Is Adoption for You?


Many times, parents are at their wit’s end when their child is struggling in school. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to become familiar with the Anna B. Lawther Academy at Hillcrest. We’re the education experts for struggling students; we’ve changed the lives of hundreds of troubled youth and seen them graduate from our school or return to their previous school and graduate from there.

Open a New Door

Health & Wellness

Hillcrest Family Services provides a variety of professional health care services to promote health and wellness. The services include a professional health clinic, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, maternal health care, pregnancy prevention and unplanned pregnancy counseling, tobacco prevention, parents supporting parents program, integrated physical and mental health care coordination.

Be Well

Homelessness Prevention

Homelessness is a nationwide problem and Iowa is no exception. Through our homeless outreach programs, and working collaboratively with other service providers, we treat people with mental illness and those suffering with issues of substance abuse who are chronically homeless or in imminent risk of being homeless.

Prevent Homelessness

Mental Health Community Services

Hillcrest offers many comprehensive programs and services for children and adults ranging from the treatment of mental illness and wellness advocacy to transitional living and in-home support. With our team of therapists, case managers, counselors and program specialists, we’re able to offer a variety of treatment options.

Mental Health Community Services

Mental Health Counseling

Hillcrest has 30 licensed therapists on staff who can assist you and your family with your mental health needs. Many of our therapists are trained in particular specialties of mental health, so contact us at 563-582-0145 or toll-free at 877-437-6333 and we’ll help you schedule an appointment with the therapist who best fits your needs.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mentor Dubuque

Mentoring is so important in a child’s life that Hillcrest has been devoted to mentoring programs for more than 25 years. Research is conclusive that children who are mentored perform better in school, they are less likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and they have healthier relationships with their families.

Become a Mentor


For nearly 50 years, Hillcrest’s spiritual history has been rooted in Methodist and Presbyterian affiliations. And long before that time, Hillcrest had always been celebrated for providing services to all, regardless of their religious affiliations and their beliefs. Still, we believe that a spiritual connection can make a difference in a person’s complete well-being.

The Spiritual Difference