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Mentoring at Hillcrest

Mentoring is so important in a child’s life that Hillcrest has been devoted to mentoring programs for more than 25 years. Research is conclusive that children who are mentored perform better in school, they are less likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and they have healthier relationships with their families. That’s where Mentor Dubuque steps in. Pairing adult volunteers with boys and girls ages 5-15, and sharing activities they mutually enjoy, builds character, understanding and stronger communities. As part of the Hillcrest Culture of Results, Mentor Dubuque is making the area better, one mentor and one child at a time.


“For us, prevention and mentoring go hand in hand. At Mentor Dubuque, we work with Your Life Iowa to provide prevention resources for alcohol, drugs, and problem gambling. If you or a loved one are facing a problem with alcohol, drugs, gambling, mental health or suicidal thoughts, you’re not alone. For reliable information and treatment options, see

If you are an organization looking to have Mentor Dubuque present on prevention topics and resources please click here

Mentor Dubuque Services Include

I’d like to be a Mentor or a Mentee


There are many children in need of a mentor and becoming a volunteer mentor is easy. All you need to do is contact us at (563) 845-0768 for an application or click here to leave your information.  After that, there will be an interview, reference and background checks, and training. Our matches are made based on similar interests, personalities and preferences.


If you have a child that can benefit from mentoring, contact us at (563) 845-0768 or click here to leave your information and we will help you through the enrollment process. Mentees must live in Dubuque or Jackson Counties.

Americorps Experience

Interested in being part of our team. Our recruitment specialists and match support specialists are Americorps members. Mentor Dubuque is not your typical volunteer service. Not only do you receive a modest paycheck every two weeks, but you also receive an education award that be used toward future or outstanding tuition, student loans, and other educational expenses. Additional benefits for full-time Americorps members include: health insurance, childcare assistance, loan forbearance, and public student loan forgiveness.

The addition of Americorps service with Mentor Dubuque on your resume guarantees you to stand out amongst all the other applicants when applying for jobs. Hillcrest Family Services provides members a comprehensive experience that includes engaging, rewarding and hands-on experiences, as well as the opportunity to build a stronger network within the community and your career field.

Learn more about the City of Dubuque Americorps Program at

Bowl Dubuque for Mentor Dubuque

Bowl Dubuque for Mentor Dubuque is our largest annual fundraiser.  This event raises over half of the annual budget for Mentor Dubuque.  Students who regularly meet with a mentor are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and less likely to use drugs or alcohol.  YOU CAN MAKE AN IMPACT ON DUBUQUE AREA YOUTH AND FAMILIES. 

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel the Bowl Dubuque event.  Please consider making a donation on our donate section of this website.




Thank You to our Bowl Dubuque Sponsors!

Youth Mentoring Events

Looking for low-cost or no-cost happenings around town? As we find match-friendly activities, we will add them to this calendar, so check back often.

Success Story

Amanda and Tracy were matched almost two years ago when Amanda was only 7 years old. Amanda fondly remembers the very first outing in which they went bowling. Tracy and Amanda meet every few weeks and Amanda loves everything they do no matter what it is. She states that, “It could have been my least favorite thing to do at home but I still like to do it.” When Tracy was a child she had a mentor herself and really enjoyed the experience. She became a mentor to pay it forward and to positively impact a child’s life and to help them explore the world. Tracy has indeed made a positive impact in Amanda’s life. Tracy has noticed Amanda is beginning to get over her fears and others in Amanda’s life have noticed Amanda is more outgoing. After a mere two years this match relationship has grown so much, one can only imagine the other impacts Tracy will have in the years to come as Amanda’s mentor. Stories like this from Mentor Dubuque where mentors are supporting youth and youth are supporting their mentors is truly part of Hillcrest’s Culture of Results.

Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP)

Nothing About Us Without Us

Achieving Maximum Potential, AMP, is a youth-driven, statewide group that seeks to unleash the full potential for personal growth among foster and adoptive children in Iowa. The facilitator assists the meeting in Dubuque of teens who are or ever have been in out of home placements meet at least monthly. AMP offers leadership opportunities, service learning projects, speaking opportunities, and educational/vocational assistance. AMP also provides the life skills youth need to become self-sufficient, independent adults.

Youth Mentoring Locations

Mentor Dubuque

Mailing Address

2005 Asbury Road
Dubuque, IA 52001
(563) 845-0768

Physical Address

2485 Wilbricht Lane

Dubuque, IA 52001

Google Map

Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP)

2005 Asbury Road

Dubuque, IA 52001

(563) 583-7357

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