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June 12, 2014

Some of you may remember hearing about Zakkary a year ago.

He arrived at Hillcrest after a LONG journey. His parents lost custody and lived with a foster family. The adoption process fell through in Tennessee. Instead of staying in Tennessee, his caseworker brought him back to Iowa. His flight got diverted back to Chicago due to fog. One of the wheels on the rental car they drove from Chicago to Dubuque blew out. He had no idea where he came from, where he was, or what the future would bring.

We are VERY excited to let you know that Zakkary is doing fantastic! He came to us not able to say very much and now, through speech therapy and counseling, he communicates well with everyone. He told us that his favorite things to do while at Hillcrest were to play games, watch movies, and go on mini trips to the swimming pool, mall, and museum.

Before he left, he even told us he hopes to come back and visit!

The same foster family he was with over a year ago has found him and they will be reunited.