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August 20, 2014

News and information is all around us. We can consume information around the clock and that can be advantageous to all of us.  It can also be beneficial to parents looking to adopt or women looking for information about unplanned pregnancies.  In fact, in a recent study, it was determined that 31% of teens search for health information online that they are fearful of talking to others about. And the stories are too numerous to cite about adopted children searching for their birth parents through social networks, including social networks completely focused on that single subject.

Typically, the more information that’s available, the more educated the public becomes. However, the National Council for Adoption is very explicit in reminding all of us that there is no replacement for some of the traditional techniques used in the adoption process.

Here’s is their strong recommendation:

“Yet while social media and online contact plays important, sometimes beneficial role, it cannot replace face-to-face contact and support. Websites and social media outlets aimed at parents considering adoption are highly subjective and often do not recognize the individualized nature of adoption, and therefore cannot possibly offer specific guidance and resources appropriate for each woman’s circumstances. Organizations and social workers cannot impart certain information online or via email. In-person contact is still valuable and necessary to ensure that clients receive the information specific to them and that all their needs are met.”

This is very true and it’s why Hillcrest’s Adoption professionals take the time to understand our client’s needs, concerns and requirements. There are many adoption resources and assets online, but the best assets are right here at Hillcrest, adoption experts who understand the details of the adoption process.