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Political Forecast Confirmed

June 16, 2015

The list of declared Presidential Candidates grew to sixteen on June 15th and the number of days they visit Iowa continues to grow. Yet, the number of documented times that “mental health” has been used in their presentations remains at 1. 

The forecast calls for more candidates to join the President want-to-be list in the coming weeks. The scheduled visits to the home of the first election event in the nation is also forecasted to grow each day. Our forecast that “mental health” would not be a priority also has materialized.

Like the gloomy rainy weather across much of the nation, these accurate forecasts bring hope that the sixteen intelligent candidates will start to shine light on the impact that quality mental health has on one of every five persons in this country.

Hillcrest Family Services urges every Iowan, who has the valuable opportunity to talk to one of these presidential hopefuls, to ask them at the local café or the neighborhood gathering about their views on providing and funding mental health services for all.

We also urge our caring Iowa voters to help fund needed mental health services by pledging their support.

– Gary Gansemer, President/CEO, Hillcrest Family Services