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Personalized Care for Barb

July 6, 2014

Barb had an accident on the bus in early January that resulted in breaking her leg and needing to go to a nursing home for rehabilitation. During this time Barb lost her apartment and due to bed bug infestation and most of her belongings had to be thrown out.

Hillcrest staff worked closely with Barb’s sister to secure housing for Barb once she was discharged from the nursing home. An apartment was obtained at St. Mary’s apartment which is handicap accessible.

On June 18th, Hillcrest facilitated a meeting at Enoble Manor with Barb, Barb’s sister, Barb’s payee, Enoble Manor staff and a Goodwill supervisor. At this meeting everyone agreed on a discharge date for Barb on July 1, however, Barb would still need to be in a wheel chair at that time. Enoble Manor staff arranged for home health services, Barb’s payee is arranging for VNA services and Hillcrest arranged for HAB services through Goodwill.

With all services working together, Barb will have professional staff providing services 5 day a week. It is anticipated that all services will be in place and ready to go upon Barb’s discharge. Without the Intensive Health Home (IHH) services provided by Hillcrest, her needs would not have been met as quickly.