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Flag Removal: An Honorable Responsibility

June 5, 2015

It was a beautiful day to be outside, with a light breeze blowing and the sun shining; Much different than the rainy morning. Our group was standing at Linwood Cemetery looking out over more than 600 flags waving in the breeze.   These flags are a part of the annual Memorial Day weekend celebration.


This year, several of our high school classes had the honor of taking down the flags on Wednesday, May 27th.  Students listened intently as directions were given regarding the lowering of the flags and then were told how to carefully fold each flag.   Students and staff quickly paired up and were off to complete the job they had come to perform.  The cooperation and interaction that ensued would make any teacher smile with admiration.  Students helped each other fold the flags, talked about the meaning of Memorial Day, and carried on conversations about what they had done at home over the weekend.

It was a great morning for students to work on developing social and interpersonal skills while honoring those who gave their lives in active military service.


– Christine Davis, 9-12 Administrator at Anna B. Lawther Academy from Hillcrest Family Services