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May 14, 2015






All those words describe Eddie, a client at Hillcrest RCF/PMI (Residential Care Facility for Persons with Mental Illness). Eddie is an exceptional individual who always wears a smile and will always tell you what day it is.

Eddie spends his morning going to class and for the rest of his day he builds Lego houses, churches and hospitals. He spends countless hours on his masterpieces, building with great detail.

Eddie is a Lego contractor and needs no blueprints or pictures. He builds from images he has seen and remembers.

Eddie recently underwent cataract-removal surgery, conducted by ophthalmologist Dr. Alethea Hein of Medical Associates, and now has nearly 20-20 vision. While Eddie has always been able to build Lego structures, his improved vision has made it possible for him to build with exacting detail.

In recent days Eddie built a Lego church. Inside it he included Holy Water fountains by the side doors, three altars, rows and rows of pews, and an image of a stained-glass window triangle in the rear of the church.

People who have seen pictures of Eddie’s creations know just what they are as soon as they see them. Eddie has built Finley Hospital and Mercy Medical Center of Dubuque, a Barbie house and numerous churches.

Taking a break for snack and meal times, Eddie builds one a day, then tears it down and builds something new the next day. He works until early evening, but he follows his routine, tearing down before going to bed so he is ready to build his next creation with the start of a new day.

– Sue Manternach, Activities Coordinator, Hillcrest RCF/RCF-PMI