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Visits Going Up Very Fast, Comments Going Up Slowly, Contributions Not Keeping Up

July 15, 2015

Through today there have been 71 declared Presidential candidate visit days in Iowa since June 3rd. By the end of the day on Sunday the 19th the number of visits will climb over 100. This is a great opportunity for Iowans to see in small settings the next Leader of the Free World. The number of visits is greater than even I anticipated.

The number of comments on mental health also is growing, but at a much slower pace. Today Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the University of Dubuque about the need to provide more prevention as well as pre and post discharge treatment for our veterans, due to their high suicide rate. It is good to see mental health becoming part of the conversation.  This time no question precipitated his remark, which is also positive.

The Iowa Cares project also aimed to raise dollars to support mental health services provided for thousands of Iowans served by Hillcrest Family Services.  So far, I am sad to report the pledges are few. I remind you that you can still join in and pledge toward each visit moving forward with an open or closed ended pledge.

Help us show the nation that Iowa is significant not because of our first in the nation caucuses but for our raising the conversation level and the funds for the cause of mental health.

Gary Gansemer, President/CEO, Hillcrest Family Services