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Time to See a Marriage Counselor?

September 6, 2014

There are many therapists at Hillcrest who specialize in marriage counseling. This form of counseling is extremely important because many times we’re not prepared with the right skills and experiences when entering into a relationship. So, how do you know when it’s time to seek help? Here are 13 signs that it’s time.
1.When you’re not talking – Hillcrest’s therapists can teach you new or improved ways for you to communicate.
2.When your talk is all negative – this can lead to abusive conversations and tones.
3.When you’re afraid to talk – because even the simplest of conversations can lead to an argument.
4.When affection is used as punishment – this shows there is no balance in the relationship.
5.When secrets are being kept – some privacy is to be expected, but not frequent keeping of secrets.
6.When you’re having an affair or thinking about it – this is a signal that you desire something different.
7.When you are financially unfaithful – hiding finances from one another is a sign that it might be time to contact Hillcrest for marriage counseling.
8.When you lead separate lives – if there is a lack of communication and intimacy and you’re just co-existing, it might be time.
9.When you argue over the same little things – a Hillcrest marriage counselor can help you determine what’s at the root of this problem.
10. When your sex life has altered – sure, it can taper off a little, but significant changes signal that something is not right.

Most people wait too long to seek marital counseling help. The sooner you call Hillcrest, the better chance you’ll have of favorable results.