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Mentor Dubuque Going Strong. So Are the Mentors and Mentees.

July 20, 2014

All around the Dubuque area, Hillcrest’s Mentor Dubuque program is creating lasting relationships, stronger families and smiles a plenty.  In fact, just the other week, we received these kind words from the mother of a mentee about her daughter’s experience in the program, “Kelly became more confident and self assured. The match shared experiences that helped Kelly grow up with a smile. I hope someday Kelly will be a mentor.”

And many of the matches we put together, are lasting.  For example, in 2009, our mentor Leslie was paired with our mentee Sammy.  Back then, Leslie wrote to us and said, “I talked to her dad after we hung out, and he said that right before I picked Sammy up that day she said, ‘Thanks Dad for getting me in the mentoring program! I really enjoy hanging out with Leslie.’  She then gave him a big hug.” Five years later, the match is still going strong and this is what the father told us, “Leslie is like family.”

That’s what Mentor Dubuque does, it creates family-like settings and relationships for boys and girls ages 5 through 15; it adds stability and companionship in their lives; and it builds character and confidence.  And in the end, the efforts of Mentor Dubuque will result in a stronger community for all of us.