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You Know You Are A Social Worker If…

March 2, 2015

Did you know that March is Social Work Month?  This year, the National Association of Social Workers will celebrate its 60th anniversary.  In the United States, we have more than 650,000 social workers! Over 10% of Hillcrest Family Services’ (Dubuque’s largest non-profit) work force has a degree in social work.   Social workers are embedded amongst the 30 plus programs that Hillcrest offers.

You know you are a social worker if …

  • You attempt to find resources and support services for the lost dog at the park.
  • You are so used to helping others, that you unload the groceries for the person in front of you in the grocery line.
  • You carry extra clothes in your car, “just in case.”
  • You find yourself rooting for the underdog, just because they are the underdog.
  • You do a happy dance inside when your client, child, pet, makes the best choice for themselves.

Social workers have brought about major positive social changes, improved the lives of individuals and families, and will continue to do so in the future. Social work paves the way for change, one step, one social worker at a time!!

Why did I become a social worker?

I chose to become a Social Worker because I believe all humans deserve to live and interact in a just world where all are treated with respect, fairness, and equality.

  • Andrea Kedley – Integrated Health Home Program

What do I like about being a social worker?

I like being a social worker because I get to hear people’s stories and I always get inspired by their journeys. People often feel weak when they seek out services but I see a lot of strength in them. Helping them see that is rewarding and inspiring.

To recognize all the ways social workers make a difference, and how they help turn public attention to complex social issues that affect millions of lives, look into the many programs Hillcrest offers. You can also make a difference by starting your career as a social worker with Hillcrest Family Services.

– Melissa Anderson PhD., LISW, Vice President of Clinical and Health Services for Hillcrest Family Services