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‘Kicking Butts’ since 1996

March 17, 2015

Since 1996, Kick Butts Day has been empowering young people to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco. This year, in honor of 20 years of kicking butts, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Hillcrest Tobacco Use Prevention, along with the youth ISTEP (Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention), are encouraging young people around the world to unite through a signature activity and make a (selfie) statement to let Big Tobacco know they are #NotAReplacement for the people tobacco products kill.

Kick Butts Day will be celebrated March 18 across the country by youth advocates. Youth in Dubuque County from Hillcrest Y Club, Beckman Catholic R.O.B.O.T. (Ridding Our Bodies Of Tobacco) group, and Cascade SADD-ISTEP group are planning street marketing events to educate their fellow students and communities.

Tobacco kills 1,300 Americans every single day. It is our vision to work toward a tobacco free generation.  Hillcrest Tobacco Use Prevention works to save lives by advocating for public policies that prevent kids from smoking, help smokers quit and protect everyone from secondhand smoke. To achieve our mission, we:

Promote public policies proven to reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke. These include tobacco-free parks, comprehensive smoke-free/nicotine-free policies, tobacco prevention and stop-smoking programs, and tough regulation of tobacco products and marketing.
Strengthen wellness in our community by involvement in Dubuque County Wellness Coalition, participating in health fairs, and offering resources about tobacco.
Mobilize youth to join the fight against tobacco at their schools and in their communities as tobacco companies market to children and mislead the public.
Empower a tobacco-free generation by fostering youth leadership and activism.
Inform the public, policy makers and the media about tobacco’s devastating consequences and the effectiveness of the policies we support.
The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids launched #NotAReplacement gallery which showcases selfie statements taken around the world. Make a (selfie) statement today and add your face to our growing gallery of supporters!

– Vicki Gassman, Community Health Education Manager for Hillcrest Tobacco Use Prevention Program