Faith Based Approach

IMG_8186We have a strong faith based connection to the ministries of the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church, USA. In fact, for over 100 years, our affiliation with both churches has been rewarding to Hillcrest clients, families and staff. Faith and spirituality comes in many forms, it manifests itself in many different ways, and many times it can heal and provide direction. We understand that faith isn’t for everyone, but for those searching for some spiritual inspiration, they’ll be able to find it at Hillcrest.

Most of our clients come to us without faith in their lives, and frequently they ask us to help them with the exploratory process of seeing if some sort of spirituality is right for them. We’re all too willing to oblige. A few of the faith and spirituality services we provide are the following:

Faith plays a key role in our work because spirituality can get our clients back on track, get them feeling better about life, build their confidence and strengthen their family and community ties.