We are celebrating our 125th Anniversary

Hillcrest Family Services is a non-profit organization that provides a continuum of brain health services to educate, coordinate services, and deliver treatment to individuals with brain health needs.

This year, we are celebrating the 125th anniversary of our founding. Throughout this year, we will be providing our supporters monthly updates on the history of our organization and our roots. We will be providing virtual and on-site tours of our programs and facilities in an effort to highlight the tremendous work our staff provides for our consumers in need. We will be celebrating our anniversary through an online virtual or social gathering in an effort to come together to celebrate our history.

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To help support us through our journey forward please click on the 125th-anniversary link below.

125th anniversary



We are a results focused organization that adds direction to those who have lost their way. To those suffering from addictions who need to get back on track. For people who want to start a family through adoption, and others who need a little tending to because of an unintended pregnancy, and we’re here for individuals who have dependencies, but want to work toward independence. At Hillcrest, we provide many services, but with only one focus. Results.


Our Passion For Results


It seems that our staff was born with a higher degree of compassion. They have an uninterrupted faith in the results that they will accomplish. They work with the homeless and for people with brain health concerns, those who need mentoring and others looking for spirituality. Our staff doesn’t see results as simply contributing to making people feel better, they won’t be satisfied until they help improve the quality of life for the people that we serve. Call faith what you will; but we’ll start by calling it a faith in our culture of results.

Our Faith Based Approach