Weston and Anna

Hello! We are Weston and Anna.

We admire the strength you have for considering placing your child for adoption. The love you have for your child shows as you go through this process. You are loved and prayed for; you are courageous.

While struggles with infertility are what have lead us to adoption at this time, our desire to adopt comes from a place of wanting to provide a loving home for a child. We both have personal connections with adoption which have influenced our desire to grow our family through adoption. Anna has a grandmother who was adopted as a young child and she also has two aunts who placed a child for adoption. Weston has a high school friend whose younger brother was adopted. Through these connections we have witnessed the impact of adoption from various perspectives. We look forward to adding to our family through adoption.

We both grew up in small towns surrounded by our extended families with frequent visits to our grandparents and aunts and uncles. Spending time with our cousins was part of our everyday life. We are blessed to have such a loving and supportive family and hope to share that with your child.


Anna is a professional civil engineer and works in the transportation industry developing designs for roadway and bridge projects. Weston is an electrical engineer and works in the energy industry designing renewable energy generation plants. Outside of work and spending time with family, we like to volunteer in our community, travel, enjoy live music, be outdoors, and play with our dog.

Our desire is to have an open adoption. We would like for your child to know who you are and how much love you have for them. We are open to sharing photos and even having visits if that is your desire also.

With love,

Weston & Anna