Erin and Dave

Dear Expectant Mother,

It’s a testament to you that when life took an unexpected detour, you responded calmly and thoughtfully. Our hearts feel for you, and we applaud the courage you’re showing in considering adoption. It requires sacrifice and strength to entrust a child’s care to someone else. We are incredibly grateful and honored to earn your trust to parent this child.

Our time as a couple began a few years after we started post-college jobs. Being in our late twenties, we saw friends begin to have children and grow their families. Marriage came for us in our thirties, and a few years later we started fertility treatments when a child wasn’t coming to us naturally.

Our adoption journey is not one we have undertaken lightly. The dashed hopes, stress and pain that we felt after being unable to conceive a child are not something anyone should have to endure. However, the experience along with the wisdom that comes with age have strengthened our desire to be parents and belief that we have much to offer a child.

We feel our hearts and lives have the ability to give more, teach more and love more. Our home has the ability to house more, nurture more and become more. Our souls have the ability to impart more wisdom, more kindness and more justice. Yet we found ourselves unable to have a child. Choosing adoption was a natural decision. The drive to help people and improve their lives are at the heart of who we are. Knowing there are birth mothers and children in need, we want to help.

We plan to provide a child with a household filled with love, support and imagination. Education is very important to us, and we will strive to make learning paramount and fun. Opening a child’s eyes to new cultures, people and ideas along with encouraging him or her to dream, grow and develop a passion will shape a child’s life in our home. We plan to impart our sense of equality, justice and goodness to a child.

Please know that we will love, nurture and cherish this baby. He or she will be welcomed by our families with open arms and will have many cousins to get to know and spend time with. We plan to be open and honest about adoption and never hide or let others shame it. We gladly will share whatever information or photos you wish, and we will update you on the child’s development if desired. Being selected as adoptive parents is one of the greatest responsibilities a person can undertake. We would be honored to be chosen.


Erin & Dave