Marjorie and Rick

February 4, 2013

Dear Birth Family,

Marj & Rick near apple orchardWe would like to thank you for the opportunity to look out for the wellbeing of your birth child. This is, by far, the most selfless gesture you could ever make. We understand that this takes a strong and trusting person and we will provide the best home life that is possible for your child. We have so much to offer and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Marjorie and I come from a strong Catholic back-ground. With my Irish heritage and Marjorie’s German heritage we will provide our adopted child with many culture traits. We both come from a four sibling family (Marjorie has 3 sisters and I have 3 brothers) and between us we have nine nieces ranging from the ages of newborn to 14. There will be plenty of opportunity for interaction, and that “cousin fun”, since we spend at least one day a week with them. Since I am a fun spirited kind of man, I like to dress up for Christmas and play Santa. I have also dressed as Barney, Winnie the Pooh, and Elmo for birthday parties for them. I know it sparks their imagination and brings smiles to their faces and that is worth everything to me. I play tag, catch, Barbie’s, and color with them and I even let them climb on me so they can get a “horsey” ride (of course all at once). Marjorie loves to color, do art projects and read with our nieces to help mold their minds. We also have two Miniature Dachshunds that love to go for walks, play fetch and play with the other neighbor’s dogs.

Marjorie works for an accounting firm near our home and loves working with numbers. She is well educated, has a four year college degree and is great with problem solving. She loves to work with crafts, and cooking and baking are her passion. (Of course I don’t mind being her guinea pig). She also likes decorating for Christmas and keeping her flower gardens blooming with color. She grew up on a farm and her parents still live on the home farm. Even though they are retired, they have plenty of farm animals around such as chickens, a horse, cats, and dogs. Marjorie and her father love going fishing in the early morning and she will be a great teacher to our children on how to drown worms!

I am in the automotive field and I have no post secondary education. I am more of a problem solver by fixing things with my hands. I am an avid baseball and football fan. I played a lot of sports growing up and teamwork is the best building tool out there. We enjoy golfing, attending concerts, visiting festivals, and spending time outdoors. We have many friends together and we like to sit by the fire pit in our backyard and socialize.

The area we live in is a great place to raise a family. There is a lot of opportunity for our children to live, learn, play, and experience. Our neighborhood consists of older people and our house sits on a nice lot and plenty of wooded area behind to explore and see some of nature’s beauty. We live close to schools, shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants, parks and playgrounds. There is a fire station down the street from us and a police officer lives up the street from us. We have a nicely remodeled home and a wonderful landscaped yard with plenty of room for a swing set or playground equipment.

When we started our journey toward having a family we were excited and hopeful. We were later devastated to receive news that we could not conceive a child on our own. We hoped and prayed but it didn’t work out. We started looking into adoption and we both firmly agreed this would be our best chance for completing the family circle. Our family goals are to raise two children and teach them the Christian values that were bestowed upon us. We both feel that trust, honesty, love and compassion are the keys to a healthy relationship and we plan on teaching these ways to our adopted children.

We plan on explaining the amazing adoption story to our child and we will keep all correspondences between your family, and us, in a lifetime binder. This will help demonstrate to them the amount of love that not only we provided, but you, the birth family, provided as well.

3 Marj Rick - CopyIn closing, children are miracles and words can’t explain how grateful we are for the opportunity to raise your child. We will love your child unconditionally and provide them with every opportunity. We look forward to corresponding with you, and we respect your wishes based on what is right for you and your child. Since this is the first time that both you, and we, have ever done this we will laugh, share, and cry together throughout the process.


Marjorie and Rick