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Pledge Guidelines:

1. Make a Pledge

In order to support the mental health services provided by Hillcrest, we are seeking pledges of $1, $5, $10, $25. $50, or $100 for each visit that a declared Presidential candidate makes in Iowa between June 1, 2015 through the Iowa Caucuses in early February of 2016. You can decide on a maximum pledge amount for the entire campaign to fit your budget , or a per visit pledge between the date you register and the end of the  Iowa Cares – The Hillcrest Mental Health Presidential Challenge Campaign. Remember, your pledge is for all declared candidates who visit, not a particular candidate.

2. We will invoice you at the end of each month

You will receive a monthly invoice, via email, based upon the amount you pledge multiplied by the total number of candidate visits in that month. Example: $1.00 per visit pledge x 100 total visits by all candidates in a month = $100.00 donation for that month.

Make a Pledge.

Pledge Amount Per Declared Candidate Visit

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Declared Presidential Candidate Visits June 1, 2015 to February 2, 2016

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#Declared CandidateVisits June 1 through Nov 12
1Jeb Bush
2Ben Carson
3Chris Christie
4Hilary Clinton
5Ted Cruz
6Carly Fiorina
7Jim Gilmore
8Mike Huckabee
9John Kasich
10Martin O’Malley
11George Pataki
12Rand Paul
13Marco Rubio
14Bernie Sanders
15Rick Santorum
16Donald Trump
Total visits in all months:361

Pledge Amount x Total Candidate Visits = Your Contribution
(Example: $1 x 100 visits = $100 contribution)

The Number of Times Mental Health Issues Have Been Mentioned By Declared Candidates.


Together, we can add a voice to what has been a very silent discussion about mental health, and hopefully the candidates will enter the discussion too.

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