Angie and Ryan


Hi, We are Angie and Ryan!

We admire your decision of choosing life for your child and the selflessness of pursuing the adoption process.  We understand that it takes a strong, caring and trusting person to make this decision.  We are hopeful that the adoption process will bless us with an addition to our family as we have struggled over the last 10 years with fertility problems. We would like you to know we love children and would look forward to sharing our love with your child, to be with them, to care for them, and to let them know they are always loved.  We look forward to helping them grow into a happy healthy adult.

We both grew up in small northeast Iowa towns with family as an important part of our lives.  Visiting grandma and grandpa on the weekends was typical for both of us as young children as well as gatherings of our extended families.  We feel blessed to have an amazing supportive extended family who loves to have fun and laugh.  We look forward to continuing this tradition with our family.

Angie works in the mental health field as a licensed therapist and she enjoys her career of helping people.  She works with children and adults.  Ryan is a professional civil engineer and works in the design and development of many infrastructure projects such as road improvements, water distribution, and wastewater treatment. When we are not working, volunteering in our community, or spending time with our family, we enjoy being outdoors, going to concerts, sporting events, traveling or just relaxing at home.

Thank you for considering us!